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Duties: Debugging Eurostar onboard systems. Automating testing and deployment. Development.

John had worked for me at Televic Rail for approx 6 months. He started to dive into our system and quickly became familiar with the whole technical flow. John could identify problems very fast and came with good solutions and recommendations.

I highly recommend John because he has shown that the has both good technical and good personal skills during his stay at Televic Rail. I will definitely contact him again when similar tasks would be needed again in our company in the future.

Stijn Deroo-Van Maele
Team Leader at Televic Rail

Together with John, in a few months, we totally reviewed a Flex/ActionScript application to make it more reliable and easier to maintain. During this process John introduced extra scripts to automate and improve deploying and testing. He challenged us to question every part of our application chain and find the best solution for every problem. Great person to have in your team!

Frank Delporte
Product Technical Lead at Televic Rail

Duties: Debugging and improving the Sky Deutschland set-top-box playback & store code.

I worked together with John at the technology division of Sky Television in Germany in the development of the set-top boxes. It was great working together with John for at least two reasons. First, his great way of dealing with technical problems finding solutions for new challenges but also digging deep into existing problems and finding the root causes and solutions on unknown territory.

Secondly, his personality, being an absolute team player, bringing the overall team that he is working with to new heights. Combining both of these abilities he ensures that the overall project went overly successful with good technical results and an immensely motivated team.

Dr. Max-Emanuel Maurer
Senior Developer

John has been a key part in the successfully and timely delivered application development project “Hyperdrive” at Sky Deutschland working together with Gillian Hughes, who took over as an external project lead on my behalf and has joined my team since then. John has taken over responsibility and leadership within the international development team, always looking forward, thinking ahead, being creative and fast in flexible and scalable solutions/implementations. He kept his enthusiasm when things were tough and proved his ability to easily adapt to new requirements and changes. John also demonstrated excellent communication and delegation skills.

John managed to get familiar with the German ways of living & working (at Sky) really fast, lived team spirit at its best, delivered highest quality work and simply is a great person. Thank you very much, John! I would love to have you back in the development team if a new project kicks off.

Andrea Griese
Director Demand & Program Management at Sky Deutschland Fernsehen GmbH & Co. KG

John & I worked together on a very high profile product relaunch with fixed timescales, a challenging budget, and consistently changing scope.
Entering any project which has already kicked off can be daunting for a PM, especially in a new country (Deutschland) so it was excellent to be introduced to John over a cuppa Yorkshire Tea, and to be given a comprehensive and completely understandable briefing on development completed to date.
John was a key member of the Application Development team, and together we ended up running with multiple concurrent projects.

He is a fastidious developer, a methodical problem solver, and delivers high quality work. He is excellent at providing updates to progress, explaining the details and providing ‘layman’ explanations where required. All qualities which make having him as part of your team, a dream!
John was instrumental in creating the very close team bond we experienced at Sky Deutschland working on the Hyperdrive project. As a final note, this project has been lauded in Sky Deutschland as an example of outstanding project & product delivery and the team was 1 of 4 shortlisted as outstanding international delivery team in the Sky Awards.
In addition he is great fun, can lighten the mood when it gets a bit much, and is a fantastic Social Secretary, I miss working with him already. Oh and I have run out of T-Bags.

Gillian Hughes
Project Manager - Content Partners at Sky
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Project Duration:
Agile environment - Data-driven Flash applications (Flash Builder 4) within an SAP portal framework to include: Enterprise Information Landscape reports browser.

Google Maps API for Flash-based corporate data-book that uses Oracle DB overlaid data and content.

Custom component development for SQL Server business objects 3D data visualiser.

Enterprise-wide employee desk allocation portal application with hot-desking functionality. Deployed at sites in the UK, US, Australia & India. Regular presentations to the UK, US and Australian SVP and board members on the status of projects.
Project description:

DataBook application.

Oil and gas production data overlaid onto a google maps application. The application connected with an Oracle DB and created layers that could be enabled or hidden.

BG Group
Databook with live data overlaid.

The application loaded live production data, safety messages, photos and video content and documents that were relevant to the location.

Overlaid layers of information allowed for fast and accurate visualisation of data.

Users were able to search the data and display results either in list of map form.

Enterprise Information Landscape

The Business Intelligence department at BG Group needed a way of visualising a model that had been printed onto a huge laminated poster. The data needed to be navigable and searchable.

BG Group
Enterprise Information Landscape
My solution was to create an application that used live data to arrange each item of information and display the data-blocks in the same positions within the BG Group value chain as displayed in the poster.

The application could be zoomed to drill down to greater detail and the value chain could be dragged and explored.

Simple colour coding meant that the areas of concern within the value chain were immediately visible to the user.


BG Group
Floor detail view
This application connected with the facilities department and made use of the 3d SVG drawings of the building to construct a visual representation of all of the company's Locations.

Any logged-in portal user was able to find another staff member by logging into this application and searching by name or location.

BG Group
Buildings/Campus view
Users IP addresses and locations where updated live so that as people hot desked around the campus, they're location was immediately updated.

Project Duration:
STB Application Developer Hyperdrive, Engineering & Application Development

Embedded Linux, various APIs for customer login and device verification. Using: AS2, JavaScript, NodeJS, InteliJ Idea , Terminal and GitHub.
Project description:

Sky Set-Top-Box Application

Debugging and improving the Sky Deutschland set-top-box playback & store code.

Refactoring Set Top Box code. bug investigation, discovery and fixing. Code reviewing. Rebuilding components for media playback on various set top box hardware models. Member of a team that was selected finalist for Best of Sky Awards 2018.

Sky De
Sky Germany HQ, Munich
Part of a 6 man team that was tasked with refactoring the Sky De player codebase so that the application would deliver streaming HD content to devices that were originally standard definition.

One of my favourite contracts that implemented the best use of agile methodologies that I've ever had the pleasure to be a part of.

Project Duration:
Design and development of programme editor CMS for a football streaming TV solution. Vanilla JS / SQL / NodeJS / PHP / Agile / Linux / GIT / CSS / Kubernetes / API integration

Design and development of programme editor CMS for a German streaming TV solution. Vanilla JS / SQL / NodeJS / PHP / Agile / Linux / GIT / CSS / API integration
Project description:

Entertainment Portal

I built a bespoke CMS that allows contact editors for smart TV and STB applications to schedule and construct complex boolean algorithms for IPTV content.

Smart TV content editors
Electronic programme guide data is indexed and then available when the editor constructs and saves searches using the boolean query builder. Content can be grouped by TV channel. Content can be grouped into specific configurations based on day, location of STB or smart device, user preferences or subscription package.

Football Editor

Bespoke CMS that allows contact editors for smart TV and STB applications that allows for the configuration of devices and the subsequent delivery of content.

Smart devices will look for a configuration that matches their location, subscription package, language and manufacturer. Editors can assign content to widgets for broadcast based on the configuration.

Project detail:

Project Duration:
Debugging Eurostar onboard systems. Automating testing and deployment. Development.

JavaScript / Gulp / NodeJs / NPM / ActionScript / PHP / Linux / Automation
Project description:

Embedded TFT Legacy Application developer for:

  • Eurostar
  • Thameslink
  • Northern Rail
  • Calgary Metro
Development of an Ant / Gulp / NodeJS deployment automation suite. The introduction of the Gulp deployment suite reduced the time taken to deploy the client application and run tests from nearly an hour to seconds.

The original processes for compile, test, deploy of the application and then control of the electronic apparatus was quite slow and complicated.
I simplified the process by creating a set of tasks that were shell scripts linked to gulp tasks. After the compile and test phase had completed and the new application had been deployed to the master unit, each of the 80 screens that needed to be updated where rebooted automatically using a shell command.

Implementation of a Jenkins build to automate builds of the Flex application. Bug identification and fixing Testing the client application (ActionScript 3) Linux administration.

Software engineer and bug fixer.

I build bespoke web applications, websites and web stores. I love the challenge of detecting and identifying bugs or performance issues and then fixing defects. I love the challenge and the kick I get from solving problems, I'm not afraid to take an unorthodox and creative approach to finding solutions.

I studied for three years at the Wolverhampton science park under professor Stephen Molyneux and in 1998 I graduated from the school of languages with a degree in one of the worlds first, fully comprehensive, multimedia courses.

During the last 25 years, I've had the opportunity to work with some of the best companies and brands and with some of the brightest people.

I now work exclusively as a freelancer, focusing on building bespoke, data-driven applications.

I have worked for several years in Europe at locations such as Munich, Darmstadt and Hamburg in Germany and near Bruges in Belgium.

Other interests

I've been a musician for around 40 years. I regularly record and compose own my music in my home studio that also doubles as my office.

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